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Our Services - Vases

Salisbury Monument Company can add a vase to any monument, marker or bronze statuary.

Granite Vases

Granite vases come in a variety of colors to match your monument, as well as many different styles (turned, tapered, heart shaped, cross shaped).

These vases sit on the base (the bottom piece of an upright monument) on one or both sides. As long as there is a flat surface on which to attach the vase, we can place it on any monument or marker you desire.

Bronze Vases

There are two different options when it comes to bronze vases: You can have your bronze ordered with the vase hole in it or not.

An unconnected (or separated) vase is attached to the granite a couple of inches above the bronze, and comes with a decorative vase ring. When you are not using the bronze vase it can be turned upside down and "hidden."

We can help you choose the right vase type and design for your needs, just give us a call.

Aluminum Vases

These vases are in two parts: one piece is buried so that the overhanging edge or lip is level with the ground. The vase itself then sits in the piece that has been installed in the ground. Aluminum vases, like bronze vases, can be "hidden" with not in use.

Aluminum vases can be used with any type of monument, marker or bronze. They also come in different colors.


Browse a selection of vases from our portfolio below.


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